Kiseleva T.A.   Orishich A.   Шулятьев В.Б.   Yakovlev V.I.   Golyshev A.  

Investigation of the effect of an optical pulsating discharge on the model’s aerodynamic drag in supersonic air flow

Reporter: Kiseleva T.A.

The effect of an optical pulsed discharge created by CO2 laser with an average power of up to 2.2 kW on the  aerodynamic drag of a model in a supersonic air flow is experimentally investigated. Experiments were carried out in a supersonic wind tunnel MAU-M (diameter of the nozzle outlet dc = 50 mm) on the modes M = 1,4, Re1 = 1.4-3.8*107 1 / m. To ensure a stable optical breakdown, a jet of argon gas was introduced into the focusing region of the laser radiation. 

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