Shmakov A.S.   Шевченко А.М.  

An Experimental Study of the Vortex Wake at Mach Number of 3

Reporter: Shmakov A.S.

The results of experimental study of the flow in the wing wake at Mach number of 3 are presented. Experiments were carried out in supersonic wind tunnel T-325 of ITAM SB RAS. Rectangle half-wing with sharp edges with a chord length of 30 mm and with semi-span of 95 mm was used to generate vortex wake. Constant temperature hot-wire anemometer was used to measure disturbances in supersonic flow. Tungsten wire with a diameter of 10 mkm and length of 1.5 mm was used. Overheat ratio was equal to 0.8. Experimental data were obtained in the cross sections located 1.5 and 6 chord length downstream of the trailing edge at wing angle of attack of 10 degrees. These experiments showed an average mass flow deficit in the vortex core. The maximum values of mass flow pulsations were recorded at the vortex core boundaries. The data obtained were found to be in good agreement with 5-hole probe pressure measurements.

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