Yatskikh A.   Kosinov A.D.   Yermolaev Y.G.   Semionov N.   Kolosov G.   Panina A.V.  

The laminar-turbulent transition diagrams of a two-dimensional supersonic boundary layer at Mach number M = 2.5

Reporter: Yatskikh A.

The work is devoted to the study of the regularities of laminar-turbulent transition in a supersonic boundary layers. New experimental data will be presented on the evolution downstream of natural disturbances in the boundary layer of a flat plate. The experiments were carried out in a low-noise supersonic wind tunnel T-325 of ITAM SB RAS at Mach number M=2.5. The measurements were made by a constant-temperature hot-wire anemometer in the scanning mode. The procedure of separating of the fluctuation of the boundary layer into temperature and mass flow disturbances is carried out. The results of spectral and statistical analysis will be presented. Areas of linear and nonlinear evolution of disturbances are determined.

The work was financially supported by the Russian Science Foundation (Project No. 17-19-01289)

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