Yankova G.S.   Черевко А.А.   Паршин Д.В.   Акулов А.Е.  

The cerebral network’s reconstruction by MRI methods and the hemodynamics study of small laboratory animal

Reporter: Yankova G.S.

Investigation of the structure of the circulatory system is of interest both in scientific terms and in terms of applications. The assumption about the relationship of genotype and vasculature structure is a natural. In this paper we consider models of vessel nets of several different genetic lines of laboratory mice - line with TNF knock-out and control line, genetic line of NODSCID mice with type I diabetes mellitus. An important task is to study the influence of genetic features and diseases on the structure of the vascular network.
MRI scanning was realized using the variation of slope of scanning plane method for the construction of the vascular network configurations [1]. The hemodynamic calculations for the constructed models were carried out using software ANSYS/CFX on the base of supercomputer center of Novosibirsk State University. On the basis of the obtained configurations was carried out statistical analysis of the blood flow parameters.
Construction of models of vascular channel for laboratory animals of several genetic lines realized in the paper. On the basis of data obtained as a result of statistical and numerical analysis of two genetic lines of laboratory mice it was shown absence of influence of TNF knock-out on morphological and hydrodynamic characteristic of Willis' circle [2]. It was shown that there is influence of diabetes on morphological and hydrodynamical characteristics of Willis' circle of adult animals.
MRI data is it possible to construct models of the vascular system, suitable for hemodynamic calculations and statistical analysis of vascular architectonics.


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