Kolosov G.   Kosinov A.D.   Semionov N.   Yermolaev Y.G.  

Linear and nonlinear development of controlled stationary and travelling disturbances in the supersonic boundary layer on a swept wing at Mach 2 and 2.5

Reporter: Kolosov G.

Experimental data on the linear and nonlinear wave train development in 3D supersonic boundary layer over a 45° swept-wing at Mach number 2 and 2.5 are presented. Travelling artificial disturbances were introduced in the boundary layer by periodical glow discharge at frequencies 10 and 20 kHz. The spatial-temporal and spectral-wave characteristics of the wave train of unstable disturbances in the linear region were obtained. In the nonlinear region of development it was shown that the additional peaks in β'-spectra arise for both subharmonic and fundamental frequencies. The experiments indicate the presence of both subharmonic resonance and oblique breackdown mechanisms in 3D boundary layer at Mach number 2 and 2.5.

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