Valger S.A.   Fedorova N.N.   Федоров А.В.  

Numerical Modeling of Propagation of Blast Waves and Their Impact on Civil Structures

Reporter: Valger S.A.

The simulation results are presented of shock wave forming due to a spherical explosive charge and its propagation in the vicinity of geometrical configuration imitating an urban environment. The numerical simulation of  a flow in the vicinity of prisms of different cross-sections and heights located on a flat plate was performed. The calculations are carried out in a three-dimensional non-viscous formulation using ANSYS software. On a basis of simulation results, a complex wave structures were  analysed, and all the peculiarities of flows and pressure history records on building walls were described and explained. The possibility of a correct description of the non-stationary wave flow in the vicinity of the complex of obstacles is demonstrated. The results are compared with the experimental data on the pressure distribution in gauges located on the prism walls. The estimation of shock wave exposure intensity was performed to different objects.  

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