Фролов В.А.   Kozlova A.S.  

Reducing Cylinder Drag by Adding a Plate

Reporter: Фролов В.А.

Reducing the drag of bodies is a central problem of modern aerohydrodynamics. The paper presents theoretical and experimental studies of a new method for reducing the drag of a circular cylinder. To reduce the drag we propose to install a flat plate along the flow in front of the cylinder. The theoretical investigation of the drag was carried out using FlowSimulation software. An experimental study of the body drag was performed in an open wind tunnel. The drag coefficient results of the cylinder depended on the different locations of the flat plate relative to the cylinder. The following geometric characteristics of the cylinder/plate are studied: the width of the gap between the cylinder and the plate and the meridional angle of the plate with respect to the cylinder. On the basis of Numerical and Physical Modeling, the values of the drag coefficient for the cylinder/plate are presented. The results included establishment the locations of the cylinder/plate which give the value of the drag coefficient for the combination of the two bodies. That total drag coefficient of the cylinder/plate can be less than the cylinder alone.

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