Abashev V.M.   Eremkin I.V.   Zhivotov N.   Замураев В.П.   Калинина А.П.   Tretyakov P.K.   Tupikin A.V.  

The study of the dynamics of intersecting jets in a semi-open channel with a large area of the input holes

Reporter: Калинина А.П.

Slot nozzles are of practical interest as an alternative to the use of Laval nozzle [1]. This paper presents the results of an experimental and numerical study of gas dynamics of the intersecting supersonic noncalculated  jets in a thick-walled semi-open channels. The experiments and calculations were performed for axisymmetric channels with a hemispherical bottom and an area ratio of holes to the area of the channel was 0.25 for a range of pressures in the prechamber to 2.5 MPa. The results obtained for the intersected and focused jets. At some critical pressure the flow becomes supersonic with a constant Mach number. According to experimental and calculation data the coefficient of restitution of the total pressure was evaluated. The experimental value of this coefficient for the focused jet larger than the one for the intersecting jets in twice, but for the calculation data this value for the focused jet larger than the one for the intersecting jets in half. Analysis based on both numerical and experimental data demonstrates the realization of the channel currents in the regime of supersonic gas-dynamic nozzle. Pressure loss largely depends on the process of jets mixing, which is determined by the area ratio of holes to the output area of the channel as well as location and direction of holes.

1. Abashev V. M., Eremkin I. N., Zhivotov N. P., Zamuraev V. P., Kalinina A. P., Tretyakov P. K. and Tupikin A. V. Experimental and numerical investigation of the flow in half-closed channel with intersecting jets // AIP Conf. Proc. 1770, 030078 (2016);

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