Kislovskiy V.A.   Zvegintsev V.I.  

Redistribution of pressure along the surface of an axisymmetric vehicle as a result of blowing a transverse gas jet

Reporter: Kislovskiy V.A.

The gas jet is blown from the lateral surface of an axisymmetric vehicle moving with supersonic speed, this leads to a change in the flow pattern.
The main flow, interacting with the blown jet, behaves as the flow around an equivalent solid obstacle, namely: a relatively small zone of increased pressure is formed upstream of the blowing hole, an extended low pressure zone is formed downstream of the blown hole.
On the surface of a moving vehicle with blowing jet, the reactive force of the blown jet acts and the force generated by the redistribution of pressure along the surface of the axisymmetric vehicle acts. This force, in some cases can be commensurable with the jet thrust of the blown jet.
The study of problems associated with the force generated is important for creating new gas-jet control systems.
The results of numerical simulation and experimental studies are demonstrated.

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