Lebiga V.   Зиновьев В.Н.   Zarov I.R.   Пак А.Ю.  

Determination of the Heat Transfer for a Hot-Wire with the Use of the Couette Flow

Reporter: Пак А.Ю.

The modeling of the Couette flow in a circular gap between coaxial cylinders is considered, including rarefied gas conditions at large Knudsen numbers. When developing the experimental facility for this purpose, the geometric sizes were determined taking into account minimum deviation of the velocity profile in the gap from the linear one in the case of laminar flow regime, and also to prevent the formation of Taylor-Görtler vortices with the chosen flow parameters. A series of tests was performed using the hot-wire at atmospheric pressure. It was cofirmed the operability of the facility itself and satisfactory matching of the hot-wire calibration data using the proposed method in the Couette flow and standard data obtained in the DISA calibration wind tunnel. Preliminary data for influence the Knudsen number on the heat transfer between the hot-wire probe and flow.

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