Ryashin N.S.   Гуляев И.П.   Маликов А.Г.   Shikalov V.   Кучумов Б.М.   Клинков С.В.   Косарев В.Ф.   Orishich A.  

Cold spraying of aluminum bronze coatings onto profiled cermet microstructures formed by laser cladding

Reporter: Ryashin N.S.

The paper presents results of the cold spraying of aluminum bronze coatings onto substrates profiled with WC/Ni tracks obtained by laser cladding. Reinforcing cermet frames shaped as grids with varied mesh sizes were clad onto stainless steel substrates using a Siberia-1 CO2 laser machine (ITAM SB RAS, Russia). As a result, surfaces/substrates with heterogeneous shape, composition, and mechanical properties were obtained. Aluminum bronze coatings were deposited from 51F-NS powder (Oerlikon Metco, Switzerland) onto those substrates using cold spraying equipment (ITAM SB RAS). The influence of cermet grid shape and that of the portion of covered surface area on the deposition efficiency of the coatings was studied. Data obtained by means of profiling, microstructure diagnostics, EDS analysis, and mechanical tests of obtained composites are reported. Dependence of the surface relief of sprayed coatings on the substrate structure has been demonstrated.

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