Kryukov A.V.   Zverkov I.D.   Evtushok G.Y.  

Application of morphing wing for flow and flight control

Reporter: Kryukov A.V.

The present work about using of morphing wing like possability of flow control on wing surface also flight control. The wing consist from elastic skin seted on the construct base. The control of local and global deformations of this wing is possability of flow characteristics control. Special morphing model was made for aerodynamical reserch on wind tunel. At result we obtaned that using of morphing wing allow reattach the separated flow on same critical angle of attack. Also similar measurements show that aerodynamical characteristics change about 20% at same angle of attack. Results was obtaned on wind tonel T-324 ITAM RAS at speed 12m/s with turbulence level 0.04%.

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