Parfenova E.S.   Князева А.Г.  

The investigation of diffusion and mechanical waves interaction in the initial stage of metal surface treatment by particle beam under nonisothermal conditions

Reporter: Parfenova E.S.

At the present time the investigations of surface processing of materials by charged-particle beams are in progress quite actively. Thanks to these methods it is possible to control the composition and structure, and, consequently, the surface properties of materials. The possibilities of ion implantation method are not fully realized in spite of the accumulated experimental and theoretical data. It is connectad with a lack of understanding of the physical processes taking place in a solid under irradiation.

The process of impurity implantation into the substrate surface is accompanied by different phenomena. For example, the impact of particles on the surface leads to mechanical disturbances generation, structural-phase changes, point defects generation and etc. They affect each other. That is why the mathematical model must account this fact for getting of qualitative results.

There are many studies of the features of thermoelastic waves caused by the action of high-energy sources on the materials surface. It should be noted, that coupled mathematical models allowing to take into account the interaction of different-scale processes are rarely used.

The paper is aimed at investigating the initial stage of ion implantation process taking into acoount of interaction of impurity diffusion and mechanical stress wave propagation.

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