Velizhanin A.A.   Simonov O.A.  

Experimental study of oil-water-oil displacement's process in a cylindrical capillary

Reporter: Velizhanin A.A.

The single-phase flow of liquids (water and oil) in microchannels is experimentally researched, as well as the process of displacement of one liquid by another. Automatic measurements of a pressure drop, and mass of liquid which passed through a microchannel were made. Photo and video recording of the movement of the fronts of displacement was carried out. Qualitative and numerical data allowing to describe character of single-phase and two-phase flow are obtained. Comparison with the theoretical description of correspondence flows was carried out. It is established that the main characteristics of a flow through a capillary constantly change in the course of the experiment that testifies to his non-stationary character.

Keywords: microfluidics, cylindrical capillary, two-phase flow.

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