Gorynin G.L.   Немировский Ю.В.   Власко А.Ф.  

Multiscale simulation of the process of heat conduction and termostrength by high temperature gradient for 3d periodic anisotropic composites

Reporter: Gorynin G.L.

Using high-energy parts of machines and cladding technologies high temperature gradients always occur. On the other side, composite materials with very complex internal structure very often are used  in cladding and parts of machine. By regular order, temperatures cause high values of thermal stress. This work is devoted to calculation of thermal stress and studies conditions of thermal strength of constructions. The body is consisted from 3d periodic composite. Composite is made of binder and inclusions of arbitrary shape. Cell functions method is utilized for calculations of temperature and stress fields. The method is based on using two types of spatial value scales and on asymptotic splitting of spatial problem of heat conduction theory and spatial thermal elasticity theory. Received calculations show that in 3d periodic bodies there are thermal stress fields with intricate structure when tensile stresses is changed compressive stresses within the limits of a periodic material cell. Some of materials, for example concrete, gets extremely negative effect from tensile stress. Therefore, it is very difficult to predict its thermal break down without multiscale analysis.
1. Gorynin G. L., Nemirovskii Yu. V. Simulation of the process of heat conduction for 2d periodic anisotropic composites // Journal of Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 215, No. 2, 183-195 (2016).

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