Ermolaev G.V.   Зайцев А.В.  

The model of large boron particles combustion

Reporter: Ermolaev G.V.

High mass and volume heat of combustion make boron a perspective fuel for air-breath ramjet engines. But now its application is limited by very low efficiency of burning process. Experimental studies of single boron particles combustion show many visible effects and specific features making boron unique between other fuels, only some of the effects are: two stages of combustion, variable ignition temperature, drastic decrease of small particles combustion speed. The models predicting combustion speed of boron particles in all range of parameters, are too sophisticated, based on unclear physical assumptions, very hard for reproduction and don’t possess an enough accuracy for practical demands. In our study we developed simple diffusional model of large boron particles combustion, providing good results in simulation of 34,5 and 44,2 micron particles at temperatures 2240K and higher.

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