Stanly R.   Shoev G.  

Numerical Simulation of gas-solid flows in Fluidized Bed with TFM model

Reporter: Stanly R.

This paper is aimed at comparing two existing computational models to simulate gas flows with dense particles by using a simplified fluidized bed as a test case. The two models, namely Two Fluid Model (TFM) and Discrete Element Model (DEM), have been used for computations with varied parameters to check for an agreement between these principally different models. The overarching objective is to understand the conditions that make the computationally efficient TFM model to produce numerically accurate results as given by the resource-intensive DEM model. The inability of the TFM model to accurately predict the particle-particle collisions as efficiently as the DEM model has been identified as the primary cause of its inaccuracy and has been minimized by identifying the right choice of parameters like viscous term, solids pressure term,etc.; to model not only the particle-particle interaction but also the gas-particle interaction. Studies have been conducted using Ansys Fluent and the results have been compared with those obtained using MFIX and Barracuda as seen in literature. A comparison of numerical solutions with available experimental data has also been performed.

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