Shoev G.   Petrov N.   Vashchenkov P.   Bondar Y.  

Numerical study of thermochemical effects on flowfield structure near triple point at irregular reflection of shock waves

Reporter: Shoev G.

Numerical study of thermal and chemical effects on shock wave structure, occurring at irregular reflection of strong shock waves in steady flows, is performed by continuum and kinetic approach. Supersonic (M=7) flow of nitrogen binary mixture (N2/N) between two symmetrically located wedges is considered. Continuum modeling is performed by numerical solution of Navier—Stokes equations in two-temperature approximation using Landau—Teller model for computing translational-vibrational relaxation and Park model for dissociation. Kinetic simulations are performed with direct simulation Monte Carlo method using Larsen-Borgnakke model for description of thermal non-equilibrium and total collision energy model for dissociation.


Comparison of numerical (non-equilibrium) solutions with equilibrium three-shock solution is performed. It has been shown that non-equilibrium processes lead to significant change of flow structure. At different Reynolds numbers (Re=1000 and Re=2000) flowfields around shock wave intersection point coincide if plotted in coordinates normalized to mean free path in the free-stream.

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