Orishich A.   Маликов А.Г.   Golyshev A.  

Optimization of laser cladding on the base of additive technologies of metal-ceramic powders.

Reporter: Orishich A.

Production of wear-, corrosion-resistant mechanically strong coatings for high-strength cutting tools, for protection against aggressive media which include both chemically active compounds and abrasive particles like sand, rock, etc., is a topical challenge today. The characteristics are improved by the metal-matrix composite coatings based on the powder mixture of different metals and carbides with different content and chemical composition.
The paper contains experimental researches of the creation of the functionally-gradient heterogeneous materials based on metal-ceramic powders using the laser cladding method.   Optimal conditions have been found for the creation of qualitative additive monolithic layers, the layer has minimal roughness and no pores, metal-ceramic coatings regarding the laser action parameters and coating composition, deposition technique, ceramic powder size and metal binder. Experimental data have been gathered on the morphology and microstructure of the clad layers versus the coating composition and laser action parameters

The work was supported by the RAS Project "Physical bases to create heterogeneous materials with additive technologies" (No. 0323-2015-0002). 

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