Postnikov B.   Lomanovich K.  

Heating Internal Volumes of Catalyst's Carrier with Periodic Structure by Impinging Supersonic Jet

Reporter: Postnikov B.

Experimental research was carried out concerning heating of internal volumes of a cordierite catalyst carrier by impinging supersonic air jet. Samples were placed axisymmetrically to the nozzle and were mounted inside a metal housing closed at the rear face. A thermocouple was placed at the bottom of the housing.
The heating effect was investigated as sample's internal channels operated in a resonance tube mode. The channels have elongated cell structure with square cross-section and thin walls. Heating rate can be increased due to optimization of gasdynamics and geometric parameters. Maximum temperature achieved was about 725 K for ambient air conditions.
To multiply heating effect one should take the best from shock-wave interaction inside the channels, choose working gas with minimum heat capacity, use resonance modes and provide high heat insulation for the sample.

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