Tropin D.   Fedorov A.   Fomin P.  

Physical and mathematical modeling of one-dimensional and two-dimensional structures of detonation waves in a silane-air mixture

Reporter: Tropin D.

The physical and mathematical model of non-equilibrium gas dynamics describing the oxidation of silane-air mixture in a detonation wave (DW) based on detailed kinetics of silane oxidation was proposed. On its basis DW structure in a stoichiometric silane-air mixture, dependences of mixture equilibrium parameters on equivalence ratio were defined. It was revealed that in the reaction zone, in the DW structure, the heat release in calculations with detailed kinetics is non-monotonic.
The reduced two-stage kinetic model of detonation combustion of stoichiometric silane-air mixture is suggested. The model was used in calculation of parameters and structure of stationary DW in stoichiometric silane-air mixture. It is shown that the reduced model satisfactory describe the velocity of DW, DW parameters in C.-J. point.
On the basis of the algebraic formula proposed earlier for estimating the ignition delay time of silane-containing mixtures, the size of the detonation cell of gas detonation in silane-air mixtures at different composition was estimated. It is shown that the cell size in silane-air mixtures is much less than similar values in the corresponding acetylene mixtures, which are distinguished by their high detonation ability. This indicates a high detonation hazard of silane-containing mixtures.

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