Жуков В.П.   Булгакова Н.М.  

The generalization of Keldysh theory on the superposition of two waves

Reporter: Жуков В.П.

To improve microfabrication the laser pulses with a superposition of different wavelengths can be used. To model this processes it is necessary to calculate photoionization and absorbed laser energy in the case of 2 waves pulse. In the presented report the Keldysh theory is generalized on the case of dichromatic pulse. The integrals of fast oscillating functions are taken numerically by the effective method. The cases of rational and irrational ratio of the wavelengths are discussed. The case of circular polarized laser beam can be considered as as a 2-waves superposition.
To model the interaction of laser pulse with materials the nonlinear Maxwell eq.-s or Schrodinger eq. supplemented by hydrodynamics eq.-s for free electron plasma are used. In this models the radiation energy absorption are described by a term in the electric field equations. In the presented work is shown, that the view of this term depends on the view of the eq. for the electron velocity.
The work was support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Project No. 15-01-02432).

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