Булгакова Н.М.   Жуков В.П.   Федорук М.П.  

The modeling of irradiation of glasses by a sequence of femtosecond laser pulses with different wavelengths

Reporter: Жуков В.П.

It is possible to decrease the size of structures written in glasses by decreasing of the wavelength of laser pulse radiation. To obtain residual modification large pulse energy is needed. But the structure size increases with pulse energy (clamping effect). In the presented work the following scheme with a sequence of the pulses with different wavelength to overcome of this effect is investigated.

The first short wavelength pulse creates plasma of conductive zone electron of small size. The pulse energy can be insufficient for residual modification in a single pulse regime. The second pulse of larger wavelength effect on the same volume of material as first one. It is not necessary to superpose pulses in space exactly. The created by the first pulse plasma absorbed the energy of the second pulse. The energy of second pulse can be smaller the modification threshold in the single pulse, but the result of a sequence of two pulses leads to the modification. The size of the modification region is determinate by the first pulse.
In presented report the discussed scheme is modeled by nonlinear Maxwell eq.-s supplemented by hydrodynamic eq.-s for the free electron plasma. The fused silica parameters and the wavelengths 400 and 800 nm are used.
The work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Project No 15-01-02432).


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