Панченко А.Н.   Panchenko N.A.  

Powerful gas lasers pumped by run-away preionized diffuse discharges

Reporter: Панченко А.Н.

A.N. Panchenko, N.A. Panchenko

Powerful gas lasers pumped by run-away preionized diffuse discharges

Institute of High Current Electronics SB RAS, Academichesky Av., 2/3, Tomsk, 634055, Russia

Novel method of developing powerful gas laser on the base of run-away electron preionized diffuse discharge (REP DD) is suggested and realized. The REP DD was formed in laser gap between two blade electrodes under the action of voltage pulses with rise-time of 1 ns and amplitude over 250 kV.
It was shown that the REP DD allows to obtain laser action in different spectral ranges from VUV to far IR on atomic transitions of rare gases and fluorine, N2, ArF*, KrF*, XeF*, F2*, HF and DF molecules.
Laser action with ultimate efficiency was realized on N2 molecules. Maximal output at 337 nm was as high as 4,2 mJ with peak power over 1 MW and ultimate efficiency over 0,2% was obtained. New operation modes of nitrogen laser was demonstrated.
Ultimate efficiency of non-chain chemical lasers on HF(DF) molecules in the H2(D2) -SF6 gas mixtures was demonstrated. Maximal laser output was as high as 120 mJ with peak power over 1 MW and efficiency as high as 10%.

Long-pulse operation was realized in mixtures of rare gases with fluorine on XeF* and KrF* molecules.

Laser action in the VUV range at 193 nm on ArF* molecules and at 157 nm on F2 molecules were obtained for the first time under REP DD excitation.

Laser parameters of the excimer lasers, first of all, pulse duration and efficiency closed to those obtained under excitation by conventional transverse discharge with UV preionization were obtained.

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